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Top Barrel Sauna Picks of This Year | A Complete Buying Guide

Top Barrel Sauna Picks of This Year | A Complete Buying Guide

Top Barrel Sauna Picks: A Complete Buying Guide

Are you considering purchasing a home barrel sauna? The Outdoor Living Zone has you covered with our complete buying guide. The guide will discuss all of the most important considerations when choosing a barrel sauna, and then we will give our recommendations for the top barrel saunas on the market. Enjoy!

Now, we know that some of you may just want to cut to the chase and see the top selling barrel sauna picks this year. Below, we will list our two best selling barrel saunas before getting into the nuances of the most important considerations when choosing your ideal barrel sauna. 

Our Top Selling Barrel Saunas

See below our two top selling barrel saunas this year and some of their unique features:

1) The Dundalk Luna Barrel Sauna

All Dundalk saunas are custom made to order in Canada to ensure only the highest quality products. The sauna is spacious, exceptional looking, and has many features that make it an excellent choice for any customer looking for a high-end and affordable barrel sauna this year. Below, you will find a link to the product page, as well as some of the key features of the product:

Dundalk Luna Barrel Sauna Highlights:

  • Made in Canada: to ensure only the very highest quality;
  • Easy Assembly: Can be assembled by 1-2 people in 2-4 hours;
  • Aesthetic Design: one of the few barrel sauna that is in the shape of a square, rather than a round circle;
  • Double Level Bench: To make for more room, and the ability to sit higher up within the sauna and maximize the heat as it gathers near the ceiling. 

2) The Thermory No. 62 & 63 Barrel Sauna

The Thermory 62 and 63 barrel sauna has been our best selling barrel this year, and for very good reason. Made with thermo-modified wood, it is virtually indestructible which is perfect for the outdoor climate in which barrel saunas reside. It is made for 6 people, and comes with or without a back panoramic view window. See below for the product highlights, as well as a link to the product page:

Thermory No. 62 & 63 Barrel Sauna Highlights:

  • Thermo-modified Wood: making it virtually indestructible;
  • Large Size: fitting up to 6 people;
  • Easy Assembly: Can be assembled by 2 people in 3-4 hours
  • Functional Design: To preserve heat energy within the sauna;
  • Flexibility in Heater Choice: Comes with either a wood burning or electric sauna heater. 

Barrel Sauna Blog: Introduction

Barrel Sauna Buying Guide

Owning a barrel provides numerous excellent benefits including amazing health benefits, immediate access to relaxation and a place to unwind, a place to socialize with friends, and even a beautiful aesthetic piece for any backyard. The Outdoor Living Zone is here to walk you through the most important questions to consider when choosing a barrel sauna for your home.

What is a Barrel Sauna?

Many of you reading this likely already know the answer to this, but some will not which is totally fine. To start, a barrel sauna is pretty much what it sounds like; a sauna, in the shape of a barrel. When most people think of a sauna, they usually think of a square, shed-like looking structure, however, barrel saunas look much different.

As shown in the photo above, they look like a circular barrel, dressed up as a mini house or shed. This gives the sauna an aesthetically pleasing look that many customers prefer over the traditional sauna look. Of course, there are other differences in construction because of the different shapes, but functionally speaking, barrel saunas act very similar to a standard sauna. Further on in the article, we will discuss some important differences between the two that may be worth considering. 

What Size of Barrel Sauna is Right for You?

One of the most important considerations when choosing a home barrel sauna is choosing the correct size that will align with your envisioned uses. Many people buy and use saunas for completely different reasons, and these reasons are often the main determinant in what will be the correct size of barrel sauna.

Size of Barrel Sauna

How Do You Envision Using Your Barrel Sauna?

Some customers may envision their barrel sauna as a primarily social-related activity meant to be enjoyed with friends and family. For example – who wouldn’t love a nice barrel sauna session after a nice evening campfire? Or alternatively, who would not love a nice steamy barrel sauna session in the midst of a cold winter evening? Both situations make for excellent potential uses of a barrel sauna for socially related purposes with friends or family.

However, many barrel sauna users may have their sauna sessions as a time to relax and unwind. These users may enjoy their sauna session as “their time” and envision using their barrel sauna for primarily personal use.

Placement of Barrel Sauna

Both situations are excellent uses of the sauna, but as you can see, they are very different. For the first group (socially related users), a large barrel sauna that can house up to 6 people may make the most sense, while for individual users, a smaller barrel sauna may make sense. However, if an individual user also wants to be able to stretch out and relax in a laying down position, a larger option may also make sense as well.

Barrel Sauna: Size Restrictions

Another consideration when choosing a barrel sauna is the amount of space you have for one. If you live out in the country and have a large yard – you can skip this section in its entirety. However, if you are an urban resident with a smaller yard, it is something to consider. I would recommend taking measurements of where you envision placing the sauna and comparing them with the sauna measurements online in order to determine whether or not you will have enough space for the sauna of your choosing.

What Are the Benefits of a Barrel Sauna?

Owning any sauna has all sorts of benefits including health benefits, well-being benefits, and aesthetic and more material related benefits. We will now discuss each in turn:

Barrel Sauna Health Benefits

Owning a barrel sauna, like any other sauna, comes with the benefit of having access to many health benefits from the comfort of your own home. For example, saunas has been proven to be correlated iwth each of the following:

  • Decreased cardiovascular morality rate by 30% in men who sauna two or three times a week;
  • Decreased cardiovascular mortality rate by 50% in men who sauna four or five times a week;
  • Reduction in high-blood pressure;
  • Decrease in neurocognitive diseases;
  • Decreases in arthritis
  • Decreases in headaches;
  • Decreases in flu;
  • Aiding in weight loss;
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